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Click on the specifications below to access the specification document, Javadoc, Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), and compatible implementation for each release of the specification.

Platform and Profile Specifications

The Jakarta EE Platform and Profile specifications are the umbrella specifications for the individual specifications. The Jakarta EE Platform includes most of the individual specifications, while the Profile specifications include the individual specifications for developing web platforms and microservices architectures.

Individual Specifications

Each individual specification describes a standardized way of implementing a particular aspect of an enterprise Java application.

Jakarta Annotations

Declarative style annotations for common semantic concepts

Jakarta Batch

API plus an XML-based batch job specification language

Jakarta Concurrency

API for app level concurrency that integrates with container

Jakarta Connectors

Architecture for connecting apps to enterprise info systems

Jakarta Data

Standardized Data Access with the Repository pattern.

Jakarta Deployment

Deployment APIs for assembled Jakarta EE applications

Jakarta Faces

MVC framework for building user interfaces for web apps

Jakarta Interceptors

Defines a means of interposing on business method/events

Jakarta JSON Binding

Binding framework for converting POJOs to/from JSON docs

Jakarta Mail

Framework to build mail and messaging applications

Jakarta Managed Beans

Defines set of basic services for container-managed objects

Jakarta Management

Management model for exposing and accessing information

Jakarta Messaging

Messaging via loosely coupled, reliable asynch services

Jakarta MVC

Standardizes the action-based model-view-controller pattern

Jakarta NoSQL

Jakarta NoSQL defines a standard for creating …

Jakarta Persistence

Management of persistence and object/relational mapping

Jakarta RPC

Standardizes gRPC within Jakarta EE

Jakarta Servlet

A server-side API for handling HTTP requests and responses

Jakarta Transactions

Allows handling transactions consistent with X/Open XA-spec

Jakarta Validation

Object level constraint declaration and validation facility

Jakarta WebSocket

API for Server and Client Endpoints for WebSocket protocol

Jakarta XML Binding

API and tools automate mapping between XML docs and POJOs

Jakarta XML RPC

Defines consistent Java APIs for XML based RPC standards

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