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Benefits of Getting Listed as a Compatible Product

There are several benefits associated with completing the process to get listed on the Compatible Products page, including:

Customer Confidence

Provide your enterprise customers and prospects with the confidence that your product meets their quality, portability, and scalability requirements


Demonstrate your organization is collaborating with industry leaders to advance Jakarta EE technologies


Strengthen your brand in partnership with Jakarta EE Working Group

Community Support

Demonstrate your support for the Jakarta EE developer community

How to Get Listed as a Compatible Product

To get your product listed on the Compatible Products page and in order to be able to use Jakarta EE Compatible logo, please follow these steps:

  1. Branding and compatible logo requirements
  2. Certification and listing on Compatible Product pages requirements
    • Follow the Jakarta EE TCK process to completely run and satisfy all of the requirements of the applicable TCK test
      • Publish the TCK results and maintain the public listing of your TCK results for as long as you continue to claim compatibility.
      • Email the TCK results to
    • File a Certification Request with a specification project in the GitHub repository
    • Open a GitHub issue against the Jakarta EE Compatible Products repository and fill in the required information

Compatibility Products

The success of Jakarta EE technology relies on compatibility to ensure application portability, security, stability, and resiliency. Compatibility will allow more technology providers to leverage and strengthen the Jakarta EE brand in the enterprise Java community.

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