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Jakarta Security 4.0 (under development)

Release for Jakarta EE 11

Jakarta Security defines a standard for creating secure Jakarta EE applications in modern application paradigms.

The release splits focuses on evolving the API in various ways, and specifically providing APIs for the authorization theme (including interceptors and an abstraction for the permission store)

New features, enhancements or additions

  • Client-cert and Digest SECURITY #120
  • Authentication mechanism per URL SECURIY #86
  • User choice of authentication mechanism (login with provider X, login with provider Y, etc)
  • Multiple authentication mechanisms (try JWT, fallback to BASIC, etc)
  • @RolesAllowed alternative
  • Easily adding an interceptor to a build-in CDI bean
  • Authorization modules

Removals, deprecations or backwards incompatible changes

Minimum Java SE Version

Java SE 17 or higher


Compatible Implementations

  • Soteria (TBC)


Plan Review

The Specification Committee Ballot concluded successfully on 2023-07-25 with the following results.

Representative Representative for: Vote
Kenji Kazumura Fujitsu +1
Emily Jiang, Tom Watson IBM +1
Ed Bratt, Dmitry Kornilov Oracle +1
Andrew Pielage, Petr Aubrecht Payara +1
David Blevins, Jean-Louis Monteiro Tomitribe +1
Ivar Grimstad EE4J PMC +1
Marcelo Ancelmo, Abraham Marin-Perez Participant Members +1
Werner Keil Committer Members +1
Zhai Luchao Enterprise Members +1
Scott Stark, Scott Marlow Enterprise Members No vote
Total 9

The ballot was run on the mailing list

Release Review

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