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Jakarta Servlet 6.1 (under development)

Release for Jakarta EE 11

Jakarta Servlet defines a server-side API for handling HTTP requests and responses.

The release removes references to the SecurityManager and provides various small enhancements and clarifications.

New features, enhancements or additions

  • Allow control of status code and response body when sending a redirect
  • Add a query string attribute to error dispatches
  • Add constants for new HTTP status codes
  • Add overloaded methods that use CharSet rather than String
  • Add ByteBuffer support to ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream
  • Various clarifications

Removals, deprecations or backwards incompatible changes

  • All references to the SecurityManager and associated APIs have been removed

Minimum Java SE Version

Java SE 11 or higher


Compatible Implementations

  • Glassfish (TBC)


Plan Review

The Specification Committee Ballot concluded successfully on 2023-07-26 with the following results.

Representative Representative for: Vote
Kenji Kazumura Fujitsu +1
Emily Jiang, Tom Watson IBM +1
Ed Bratt, Dmitry Kornilov Oracle +1
Andrew Pielage, Petr Aubrecht Payara +1
David Blevins, Jean-Louis Monteiro Tomitribe no vote
Ivar Grimstad EE4J PMC +1
Marcelo Ancelmo, Abraham Marin-Perez Participant Members +1
Werner Keil Committer Members +1
Zhai Luchao Enterprise Members +1
Scott Stark, Scott Marlow Enterprise Members +1
Total 9

The ballot was run on the mailing list

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