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Gudelines for Website Maintainers

Process and requirements for becoming a website maintainer

Each committee can appoint one or two members to become a maintainer of sections of website that falls under the purview of that committee. The maintainer can be appointed during the Committee meeting or sending a request to the relevant Committee mailing list to receive +1 from members before being granted access.

Maintainers will have the ability to merge Pull Requests. Maintainers can only approve or make changes to the sections they are responsible for.

The maintainers should not make any changes to the brand (e.g. replacing the Jakarta EE logo) without approval from the Eclipse Foundation staff and the Marketing Committee.

If a maintainer decides to leave the community or no longer wishes to remain a maintainer, the relevant Committee should make a request via e-mail to to revoke maintainer access to a user.

The process to add updates/make changes to the website:

  • If the change/update is minor e.g. correcting a typo., a community member or a maintainer creates a pull request for updates/changes in the website.
  • If changes/updates are significant, the maintainer should first create an issue and assign the person who is accountable for that section of the website (refer to the RACI chart) to approve before implementation.
  • The maintainer who created the pull request/responsible for that page can implement the update/change.

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