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Build Enterprise Cloud Native Java Applications With Confidence

Jakarta EE gives developers a comprehensive set of vendor neutral, open specifications that are used for developing modern, cloud native Java applications from the ground up. With Jakarta EE, technology developers and consumers can be confident they have the best technologies for developing cloud native, mission-critical applications. And they can build on decades of Java developer expertise to move existing workloads to the cloud.

Jakarta EE specifications, previously known as Java EE specifications, are developed by well-known industry leaders following the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP)

Every Jakarta EE specification includes: 

  • A specification document and Javadoc (APIs) that describe how the technology is implemented.
  • A Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) document that describes the tests that must be passed for Jakarta EE implementations to be certified as compatible.
  • A compatible implementation that successfully passed the TCK.

Jakarta EE Delivers Strategic and Technical Benefits

Jakarta EE delivers a combination of advantages that cannot be found in other Java frameworks:

  • Unparalleled maturity, stability, and backwards compatibility
  • The architectural flexibility to support cloud-based microservices architectures as well as traditional, monolithic architectures
  • A full-featured platform that can be set up in just a few dozen lines of code
  • The ability to easily switch out underlying technologies to meet new requirements and take advantage of faster, lighter implementations

Together, these advantages give Java developers and enterprises everything they need to build and evolve cloud native Java applications today and in the future.

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