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Shape the future of Cloud Native, Open Source Java

Working together, the world’s Java ecosystem leaders, including Fujitsu, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, and Tomitribe, are advancing Java EE and Jakarta EE to support moving mission-critical applications and workloads to the cloud.

Joining the Jakarta EE Working Group demonstrates your commitment not only to the evolution and sustainability of Jakarta EE, but also to ensuring the growth and development of a well-governed, vendor-neutral open source ecosystem which benefits all.


Members of the Jakarta EE Working Group take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Protect your strategic investment in Java EE, including ensuring the relevancy of your technology and your developer’s skills for the next generation of technology
  • Play a role in defining Jakarta EE strategic themes and priorities to evolve the platform in alignment with your requirements and use cases — and those of your customers
  • Gain insights to and influence over the technology roadmap
  • Shape the definition, evolution, and execution of the specifications process
  • Participate in open collaboration through professionally managed development initiatives
  • Ensure your development teams benefit from sharing best practices and cutting edge information for building the next generation of enterprise Java applications

Member Testimonials

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