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Jakarta EE XML Schemas



This document lists the document formats that will be used by Jakarta EE

The Jakarta EE platform specification also requires support for Jakarta Persistence and Jakarta Bean Validation. The Jakarta Persistence Schemas are available at The Jakarta Bean Validation Schemas are available at

This document describes how to use the Jakarta EE schemas and provides a list of XML Schemas for each deployment descriptor.

List of namespaces.

Using Jakarta EE Schemas

All Jakarta EE 9 and newer Deployment Descriptor Schemas share the namespace Each schema document contains a version attribute that contains the version of the specification. For example, the XML Schema document for the Jakarta Servlet specification contains the version attribute value “5.0”, pertaining to the specific version of the specification as well as the schema document itself.

Each Jakarta EE XML Schema document's file name contains the specific version of the related specification. This is introduced for convenience to locate specific versions of the schema documents. However, Deployment Descriptor instances are not required to refer to a specific file. Instead, an instance must specify the version of the corresponding specification by using the version attribute. For example, Jakarta servlet Deployment Descriptor instances that must be processed with the servlet 5.0 version must indicate the version within the version attribute of the instance document, for example, “5.0”. The Deployment Descriptor processors use the version information to choose the appropriate version of the schema document(s) to process the Deployment Descriptor instances.

A specific version of the Jakarta EE specification contains a set of deployment descriptor schemas to constitute the Jakarta EE Schema. The common definitions are contained in the jakartaee_.xsd document that may be included by several Jakarta EE Deployment Descriptor schemas.

Jakarta EE 9

File NameDescriptionStatus
jakartaee_9.xsdCommon shareable schemas of Jakarta EE deployment descriptorsDraft
jakartaee_web_services_metadata_handler_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the Handler chain configuration descriptorDraft
batchXML_2_0.xsdXML Schema for the Jakarta Batch artifacts XML file (batch.xml)Draft
jobXML_2_0.xsdXML Schema for the Jakarta Batch Job Specification Language (JSL)Draft
jsp_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the JavaServer Pages deployment descriptorDraft
application_9.xsdXML Schema for the Application deployment descriptorDraft
application-client_9.xsdXML Schema for the Application client deployment descriptorDraft
connector_2_0.xsdXML Schema for the Connectors deployment descriptorDraft
ejb-jar_4_0.xsdXML Schema for the Enterprise Beans deployment descriptorDraft
jakartaee_web_services_2_0.xsdXML Schema for the Web Services deployment descriptorDraft
jakartaee_web_services_client_2_0.xsdXML Schema for the Web Services Client deployment descriptorDraft
permissions_9.xsdXML Schema for the application or module declared permissionsDraft
web-app_5_0.xsdXML Schema for the Servlet deployment descriptor (web.xml)Draft
web-fragment_5_0.xsdXML Schema for the Servlet deployment descriptor (web-fragment.xml)Draft
web-common_5_0.xsdXML Schema common for the various Servlet deployment descriptorsDraft
web-facesconfig_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the Jakarta Server Faces Application Configuration FileDraft
web-facelettaglibrary_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the Tag Libraries in the Jakarta Server Faces Standard Facelets View Declaration Language (Facelets VDL)Draft
web-partialresponse_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the Jakarta Server Faces Partial Response used in JSF Ajax frameworksDraft
web-jsptaglibrary_3_0.xsdXML Schema for the Jakarta Server Pages Taglibrary descriptorDraft

Dependent Namespaces

Jakarta EE 8

See for all Jakarta EE 8 Schemas.

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