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Jakarta EE 8 Delivers

Full Compatibility with JavaTM EE 8

Fully compatible with the Java EE 8 specifications and Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs)

Open Specifications

Leveraging the Jakarta EE Specification Process, an open source specification process that enables code-first development

Open Source TCK License and Process

An open process for certifying products as Compatible Implementations of Jakarta EE Profiles using TCKs licensed under the Eclipse TCK License

Compatible Implementations

Compatible implementations of the Jakarta EE 8 Platform (Full and Web profiles)

Powered by Participation

43 projects

174 committers

61.5 million lines of code

129 Repositories

New eBook!
Fulfilling the Vision for Open Source, Cloud Native Java

This eBook explores what cloud native Java is, why it matters so much to so many people, and provides the community’s perspective of where Jakarta EE technologies are headed.


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