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Marketing Committee

The focus of this committee is on marketing, branding and community awareness and produces and executes the marketing plan for the release based on the Jakarta EE Key messaging provided by the Steering Committee.

Committee Members

  • Kenji Kazumura - Fujitsu
  • Dan Bandera - IBM, Neil Patterson (chair)- alternate
  • Ed Bratt - Oracle, Melissa Jacobus - alternate
  • Dominika Tasarz - Payara, Jadon Ortlepp - alternate
  • John Clingan - Red Hat
  • Jonathan Gallimore - Tomitribe, Cesar Hernandez - alternate
  • Eric (QingYu) Meng - Primeton - Elected Enterprise Representative
  • Otavio Santana: Elected Committer Member Representative
  • Tetiana Fydorenchyk: Elected Participant Member Representative

Meeting Minutes





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