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Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 (under development)

The Jakarta EE Core Profile defines a profile of the Jakarta EE platform specifically targeted at smaller runtimes.

The goals for this release are:

  1. To provide a profile that contains a set of Jakarta EE Specifications targeting smaller runtimes suitable for microservices and ahead-of-time compilation.
  2. The TCK(s) for the Core profile should be possible to run independently of the Full Platform TCK.
  3. Java SE version will be aligned with the Platform Project’s decision regarding Java SE versions.


Plan Review

The Specification Committee Ballot concluded successfully on 2021-05-19 with the following results.

Representative Representative for: Vote
Kenji Kazumura Fujitsu +1
Dan Bandera, Kevin Sutter IBM +1
Ed Bratt, Dmitry Kornilov Oracle +1
Andrew Pielage, Matt Gill Payara +1
Scott Stark, Mark Little Red Hat +1
David Blevins, Jean-Louis Monteiro Tomitribe +1
Ivar Grimstad EE4J PMC +1
Marcelo Ancelmo, Martijn Verburg Participant Members +1
Werner Keil Committer Members +1
Dr. Jun Qian Enterprise Members +1
Total 10

The ballot was run in the mailing list

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