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The Jakarta EE website is now redesigned!

Exciting news! The Eclipse Foundation team, with the great help of the Jakarta EE Marketing Committee, has been working on redesigning the Jakarta EE website. The first phase was to update the homepage by Sep 30, 2021.

Here is the link to this project’s Github issue:

After the homepage was updated, the second phase was to update the secondary pages of the website by the end of Q4, 2021. Over 19 pages of the website have been redesigned. A big thank you to everyone involved in making this project happen.

The updated website has a more interactive look and feel, introduces more community-focused imagery, easier navigation, and an overall more engaging experience that highlights members of the community.

We are now welcoming community feedback and testing from Feb 14-28. Your input is valuable and appreciated, so please feel free to review and provide feedback on the Github issue by Tuesday, Feb 28, 2022.


Shabnam Mayel

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