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Benefits of Getting Listed as a Compatible Product

There are several benefits associated with completing the process to get listed on the Compatible Products page, including:

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Customer Confidence

Provide your enterprise customers and prospects with the confidence that your product meets their quality, portability, and scalability requirements

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Demonstrate your organization is collaborating with industry leaders to advance Jakarta EE technologies

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Brand Building

Strengthen your brand in partnership with Jakarta EE Working Group

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Community Support

Demonstrate your support for the Jakarta EE developer community

How to Get Listed as a Compatible Product

To get your product listed on the Compatible Products page and in order to be able to use Jakarta EE Compatible logo, please follow these steps:

  1. Branding and compatible logo requirements
  2. Certification and listing on Compatible Product pages requirements
    • Follow the Jakarta EE TCK process to completely run and satisfy all of the requirements of the applicable TCK test
      • Publish the TCK results and maintain the public listing of your TCK results for as long as you continue to claim compatibility.
      • Email the TCK results to
    • File a Certification Request with a specification project in the GitHub repository
    • Open a GitHub issue against the Jakarta EE Compatible Products repository and fill in the required information

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