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This program is intended to encourage JUG leaders and members to get involved by adopting a Jakarta EE Specification. The objective is to increase developer level participation in the evolution of the Jakarta EE Specification.


How JUG leaders can help:

Ensure that the topic of the adopted Jakarta EE Specification is consistently discussed, e.g. dedicate a portion of the existing JUG meetups to the discussions related to the adopted Specification, arrange monthly calls with all representatives of JUGs that are running the program in their groups.

How JUG members can get involved:

What we can offer to JUGs:

How to sign up:

To sign up please be ready to provide the following information: name of the Specification you wish to adopt, URL to JUG’s website and JUG logo. Here are steps for creating a Jakarta EE pull request.

* Note that JUG members are welcome to become contributors and commitors on the Specification project and their participation agreements needs to be handled accordingly.

To be in the loop with conversations related to the “Adopt a Spec” program:

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