Module jakarta.mail
Package jakarta.mail

Class Flags.Flag

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    public static final class Flags.Flag
    extends java.lang.Object
    This inner class represents an individual system flag. A set of standard system flag objects are predefined here.
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    • Field Detail

      • ANSWERED

        public static final Flags.Flag ANSWERED
        This message has been answered. This flag is set by clients to indicate that this message has been answered to.
      • DELETED

        public static final Flags.Flag DELETED
        This message is marked deleted. Clients set this flag to mark a message as deleted. The expunge operation on a folder removes all messages in that folder that are marked for deletion.
      • DRAFT

        public static final Flags.Flag DRAFT
        This message is a draft. This flag is set by clients to indicate that the message is a draft message.
      • FLAGGED

        public static final Flags.Flag FLAGGED
        This message is flagged. No semantic is defined for this flag. Clients alter this flag.
      • RECENT

        public static final Flags.Flag RECENT
        This message is recent. Folder implementations set this flag to indicate that this message is new to this folder, that is, it has arrived since the last time this folder was opened.

        Clients cannot alter this flag.

      • SEEN

        public static final Flags.Flag SEEN
        This message is seen. This flag is implicitly set by the implementation when this Message's content is returned to the client in some form. The getInputStream and getContent methods on Message cause this flag to be set.

        Clients can alter this flag.

      • USER

        public static final Flags.Flag USER
        A special flag that indicates that this folder supports user defined flags.

        The implementation sets this flag. Clients cannot alter this flag but can use it to determine if a folder supports user defined flags by using folder.getPermanentFlags().contains(Flags.Flag.USER).