Module jakarta.cdi

Interface SyntheticObserver<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the observed event type of the synthetic observer

    public interface SyntheticObserver<T>
    The event notification function for a synthetic observer defined by SyntheticObserverBuilder. CDI container will create an instance of the event notification function every time when it needs to notify the synthetic observer. Implementations must be public classes with a public zero-parameter constructor; they must not be beans.
    • Method Detail

      • observe

        void observe​(EventContext<T> event,
                     Parameters params)
              throws java.lang.Exception
        Consumes an event. The EventContext provides access to the event payload, as well as the EventMetadata.

        The parameter map contains the same values that were passed to the SyntheticObserverBuilder that defined the synthetic observer.

        event - the event context, never null
        params - the parameter map, never null
        java.lang.Exception - checked exception will be wrapped and rethrown as an ObserverException