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public static final class RememberMe.Literal extends jakarta.enterprise.util.AnnotationLiteral<RememberMe> implements RememberMe
Supports inline instantiation of the RememberMe annotation.
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      public static RememberMe.Literal of(int cookieMaxAgeSeconds, String cookieMaxAgeSecondsExpression, boolean cookieSecureOnly, String cookieSecureOnlyExpression, boolean cookieHttpOnly, String cookieHttpOnlyExpression, String cookieName, boolean isRememberMe, String isRememberMeExpression)
      Instance of the RememberMe Interceptor Binding.
      cookieMaxAgeSeconds - Max age in seconds for the remember me cookie.
      cookieMaxAgeSecondsExpression - Jakarta Expression Language expression variant of cookieMaxAgeSeconds
      cookieSecureOnly - Flag to indicate that the remember me cookie should only be sent using a secure protocol
      cookieSecureOnlyExpression - Jakarta Expression Language expression variant of cookieSecureOnly
      cookieHttpOnly - true if the cookie should be sent only with HTTP requests
      cookieHttpOnlyExpression - Jakarta Expression Language expression variant of cookieHttpOnly
      cookieName - Name of the remember me cookie.
      isRememberMe - Flag to determine if remember me should be used.
      isRememberMeExpression - Jakarta Expression Language expression variant of isRememberMe
      instance of the RememberMe Interceptor Binding
    • cookieHttpOnly

      public boolean cookieHttpOnly()
    • cookieHttpOnlyExpression

      public String cookieHttpOnlyExpression()
    • cookieMaxAgeSeconds

      public int cookieMaxAgeSeconds()
    • cookieMaxAgeSecondsExpression

      public String cookieMaxAgeSecondsExpression()
    • cookieSecureOnly

      public boolean cookieSecureOnly()
    • cookieSecureOnlyExpression

      public String cookieSecureOnlyExpression()
    • cookieName

      public String cookieName()
    • isRememberMe

      public boolean isRememberMe()
    • isRememberMeExpression

      public String isRememberMeExpression()