Interface MessageHandler.Partial<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - The type of the object that represent pieces of the incoming message that this MessageHandler will consume.
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    public static interface MessageHandler.Partial<T>
    extends MessageHandler
    This kind of handler is notified by the implementation as it becomes ready to deliver parts of a whole message.

    For handling parts of text messages, the type T is String

    For handling parts of binary messages, the allowable types for T are

    Developers should not continue to reference message objects of type ByteBuffer after the completion of the onMessage() call, since they may be recycled by the implementation.

    Note: Implementations may choose their own schemes for delivering large messages in smaller parts through this API. These schemes may or may not bear a relationship to the underlying websocket dataframes in which the message is received off the wire.

    • Method Detail

      • onMessage

        void onMessage​(T partialMessage,
                       boolean last)
        Called when the next part of a message has been fully received.
        partialMessage - the partial message data.
        last - flag to indicate if this partialMessage is the last of the whole message being delivered.