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Class FetchProfile.Item

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    public static class FetchProfile.Item
    extends Object
    This inner class is the base class of all items that can be requested in a FetchProfile. The items currently defined here are ENVELOPE, CONTENT_INFO and FLAGS. The UIDFolder interface defines the UID Item as well.

    Note that this class only has a protected constructor, therby restricting new Item types to either this class or subclasses. This effectively implements a enumeration of allowed Item types.

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      • ENVELOPE

        public static final FetchProfile.Item ENVELOPE
        This is the Envelope item.

        The Envelope is an aggregration of the common attributes of a Message. Implementations should include the following attributes: From, To, Cc, Bcc, ReplyTo, Subject and Date. More items may be included as well.

        For implementations of the IMAP4 protocol (RFC 2060), the Envelope should include the ENVELOPE data item. More items may be included too.


        public static final FetchProfile.Item CONTENT_INFO
        This item is for fetching information about the content of the message.

        This includes all the attributes that describe the content of the message. Implementations should include the following attributes: ContentType, ContentDisposition, ContentDescription, Size and LineCount. Other items may be included as well.

      • SIZE

        public static final FetchProfile.Item SIZE
        SIZE is a fetch profile item that can be included in a FetchProfile during a fetch request to a Folder. This item indicates that the sizes of the messages in the specified range should be prefetched.

        JavaMail 1.5
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      • Item

        protected Item​(String name)
        Constructor for an item. The name is used only for debugging.
        name - the item name
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        public String toString()
        Include the name in the toString return value for debugging.
        toString in class Object