Class BehaviorHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • BehaviorHandler

        public BehaviorHandler​(BehaviorConfig config)
        Constructs the handler using the Id from the config.
        config - config instance to get the behavior Id from.
    • Method Detail

      • getTagHandlerDelegate

        protected TagHandlerDelegate getTagHandlerDelegate()
        Description copied from class: DelegatingMetaTagHandler

        Get the tag handler delegate.

        Code that extends from DelegatingMetaTagHandler (directly or indirectly, as through extending ComponentHandler) must take care to decorate, not replace, the TagHandlerDelegate instance returned by this method. Failure to do so may produce unexpected results.

        Specified by:
        getTagHandlerDelegate in class DelegatingMetaTagHandler
        the tag handler delegate.
      • getBehaviorId

        public String getBehaviorId()
        Returns the behavior Id obtained from the passed-in config.
        the behavior Id
      • getEvent

        public TagAttribute getEvent()
        Returns the event that is set as the "event" attribute on the behavior tag.
        the event tag attribute