Class TagHandler

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    public abstract class TagHandler
    extends Object
    implements FaceletHandler

    Foundation class for FaceletHandlers associated with a markup element in a Facelet document. This class introduces the concept of XML attributes to Facelets. See the constructor documentation for more details.

    • Field Detail

      • tag

        protected final Tag tag

        A reference to the Tag instance corresponding to this TagHandler instance.

      • nextHandler

        protected final FaceletHandler nextHandler

        A reference to the FaceletHandler that represents the first nested child of this TagHandler instance.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TagHandler

        public TagHandler​(TagConfig config)

        Every TagHandler instance is associated with a Tag. Each Tag instance has a TagAttributes property, which is simply a collection of TagAttribute instances. Extract and save as protected instance variables the TagConfig.getTagId(), TagConfig.getTag() and TagConfig.getNextHandler() returns from the argument TagConfig. This constructor is only called when the Facelets View is compiled.

        config - The structure that contains useful to the operation of this instance.
    • Method Detail

      • getAttribute

        protected final TagAttribute getAttribute​(String localName)
        Utility method for fetching the appropriate TagAttribute
        localName - name of attribute
        TagAttribute if found, otherwise null
      • getRequiredAttribute

        protected final TagAttribute getRequiredAttribute​(String localName)
                                                   throws TagException
        Utility method for fetching a required TagAttribute
        localName - name of the attribute
        TagAttribute if found, otherwise error
        TagException - if the attribute was not found