Class ClientBehaviorRenderer

  • public abstract class ClientBehaviorRenderer
    extends Object

    A ClientBehaviorRenderer produces the client-side script that implements a ClientBehavior's client-side logic. It can also enqueue server-side BehaviorEvents that may be processed later by event listeners that have registered an interest.

    Individual ClientBehaviorRenderer instances will be instantiated as requested during the rendering process, and will remain in existence for the remainder of the lifetime of a web application. Because each instance may be invoked from more than one request processing thread simultaneously, they MUST be programmed in a thread-safe manner.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClientBehaviorRenderer

        public ClientBehaviorRenderer()
    • Method Detail

      • getScript

        public String getScript​(ClientBehaviorContext behaviorContext,
                                ClientBehavior behavior)

        Return the script that implements this ClientBehavior's client-side logic. The default implementation returns null.

        ClientBehaviorRenderer.getScript() implementations are allowed to return null to indicate that no script is required for this particular getScript() call. For example, a ClientBehaviorRenderer implementation may return null if the associated ClientBehavior is disabled.

        behaviorContext - the ClientBehaviorContext that provides properties that might influence this getScript() call. Note that ClientBehaviorContext instances are short-lived objects that are only valid for the duration of the call to getScript(). ClientBehaviorRenderer implementations must not hold onto references to ClientBehaviorContexts.
        behavior - the ClientBehavior instance that generates script.
        script that provides the client-side behavior, or null if no script is required.