Interface ArrayType

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    AnnotationTarget, Type

    public interface ArrayType
    extends Type
    An array type is created from a component type. For a component type T, the array type is written T[]. A component type may itself be an array type. For a component type T[], the array type is written T[][]. Such array type is also called multi-dimensional array type.

    Array types also have an element type, which is obtained by repeatedly asking for the component type until a non-array type is returned. For example, the String[][] array type has an element type of String.

    • Method Detail

      • componentType

        Type componentType()
        Returns the component type of this array type, as defined by The Java™ Language Specification. That is, in case of a single-dimensional array, the element type of the array, and in case of a multi-dimensional array, an array type with one less dimension.

        For example, the component type of int[] is the int type. The component type of String[][] is the String[] array type, whose component type is the String type.

        Each dimension of the array type may be annotated independently.

        the component type, never null
      • kind

        default Type.Kind kind()
        Description copied from interface: Type
        Returns the kind of this type.
        Specified by:
        kind in interface Type
        the kind of this type
      • asArray

        default ArrayType asArray()
        Description copied from interface: Type
        Returns this type as an array type.
        Specified by:
        asArray in interface Type
        this array type, never null