Interface ProcessAnnotatedType<X>

  • Type Parameters:
    X - The class being annotated
    All Known Subinterfaces:

    public interface ProcessAnnotatedType<X>

    The container fires an event of this type for each Java class or interface it discovers in a bean archive, before it reads the declared annotations.

    Any observer of this event is permitted to wrap and/or replace the AnnotatedType by calling either setAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType) or configureAnnotatedType(). If both methods are called within an observer notification an IllegalStateException is thrown. The container must use the final value of this property, after all observers have been called, to discover the types and read the annotations of the program elements.

    For example, the following observer decorates the AnnotatedType for every class that is discovered by the container.

     public <T> void decorateAnnotatedType(@Observes ProcessAnnotatedType<T> pat) {

    If any observer method of a ProcessAnnotatedType event throws an exception, the exception is treated as a definition error by the container.

    CDI Lite implementations are not required to provide support for Portable Extensions.

    David Allen, Antoine Sabot-Durand
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