Interface InjectionTargetFactory<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type on which this InjectionTarget operates

    public interface InjectionTargetFactory<T>

    An InjectionTargetFactory can create an InjectionTarget for a given bean.

    The InjectionTargetFactory obtained from BeanManager.getInjectionTargetFactory(AnnotatedType) is capable of providing container created injection targets. This factory can be wrapped to add behavior to container created injection targets.

    For example:

     BeanAttributes<MyBean> myBeanAttributes = beanManager.createBeanAttributes(myBeanAnnotatedType);
     beanManager.createBean(myBeanAttributes, MyBean.class, new InjectionTargetFactory() {
         public <T> InjectionTarget<T> createInjectionTarget(Bean<T> bean) {
             return new WrappingInjectionTarget<T>(beanManager.getInjectionTargetFactory(myBeanAnnotatedType).createInjectionTarget(

    CDI Lite implementations are not required to provide support for InjectionTargetFactory.

    Pete Muir, Antoine Sabot-Durand