Package jakarta.ejb

Annotation Type AfterCompletion

  • @Target(METHOD)
    public @interface AfterCompletion
    Designate a stateful session bean method to receive the after completion session synchronization callback.

    The after completion callback notifies a stateful session bean instance that a transaction commit protocol has completed. A completion status of true indicates that the transaction has committed. A status of false indicates that a rollback has occurred.

    A bean must have at most one AfterCompletion method. The signature of this method must observe the following rules:

    • The method must not be declared as final or static.
    • The method may have any access type.
    • The return type must be void.
    • The method must take a single argument of type boolean.

    This method executes with no transaction context.

    A stateful session bean class may use either the SessionSynchronization interface or the session synchronization annotations, but not both.

    EJB 3.1
    See Also:
    SessionSynchronization, AfterBegin, BeforeCompletion