Interface Predicate

    • Method Detail

      • getOperator

        Predicate.BooleanOperator getOperator()
        Return the boolean operator for the predicate. If the predicate is simple, this is AND.
        boolean operator for the predicate
      • isNegated

        boolean isNegated()
        Whether the predicate has been created from another predicate by applying the Predicate.not() method or the CriteriaBuilder.not() method.
        boolean indicating if the predicate is a negated predicate
      • getExpressions

        List<Expression<Boolean>> getExpressions()
        Return the top-level conjuncts or disjuncts of the predicate. Returns empty list if there are no top-level conjuncts or disjuncts of the predicate. Modifications to the list do not affect the query.
        list of boolean expressions forming the predicate
      • not

        Predicate not()
        Create a negation of the predicate.
        negated predicate