Module jakarta.mail

Interface LineInputStream

  • public interface LineInputStream
    LineInputStream supports reading CRLF terminated lines that contain only US-ASCII characters from an input stream. Provides functionality that is similar to the deprecated DataInputStream.readLine(). Expected use is to read lines as String objects from an IMAP/SMTP/etc. stream.
    This class also supports UTF-8 data by calling the appropriate constructor. Or, if the System property mail.mime.allowutf8 is set to true, an attempt will be made to interpret the data as UTF-8, falling back to treating it as an 8-bit charset if that fails.
    • Method Detail

      • readLine

        java.lang.String readLine()
        Read a line containing only ASCII characters from the input stream. A line is terminated by a CR or NL or CR-NL sequence. A common error is a CR-CR-NL sequence, which will also terminate a line. The line terminator is not returned as part of the returned String. Returns null if no data is available.
        the line
        Throws: - for I/O errors