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Package com.sun.mail.dsn

Support for creating and parsing Delivery Status Notifications.

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Package com.sun.mail.dsn Description

Support for creating and parsing Delivery Status Notifications. Refer to RFC 3462 and RFC 3464 for more information.

A Delivery Status Notification is a MIME message with a Content-Type of multipart/report. A MultipartReport object represents the content of such a message. The MultipartReport object contains several parts that represent the information in a delivery status notification. The first part is usually a text/plain part that describes the reason for the notification. The second part is a message/delivery-status part, which is represented by a DeliveryStatus object, and contains details about the notification. The third part is either an entire copy of the original message that is returned, represented by a MimeMessage object, or just the headers of the original message, represented by a MessageHeaders object.

To use the classes in this package, include dsn.jar in your class path.

Classes in this package log debugging information using java.util.logging as described in the following table:

Logger Name Logging Level Purpose
com.sun.mail.dsn FINER General debugging output

WARNING: The APIs unique to this package should be considered EXPERIMENTAL. They may be changed in the future in ways that are incompatible with applications using the current APIs.

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