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Jakarta Server Fages API v2.3.2

Class RadioRenderer

    • Constructor Detail

      • RadioRenderer

        public RadioRenderer()
    • Method Detail

      • decode

        public void decode(FacesContext context,
                           UIComponent component)
        This override delegates to #decodeGroup(FacesContext, UISelectOne, String) when 'group' attribute is set. It will only decode when the current component is the first one of group.
        decode in class MenuRenderer
        context - FacesContext for the request we are processing
        component - UIComponent to be decoded.
      • decodeGroup

        protected void decodeGroup(FacesContext context,
                                   UISelectOne radio,
                                   RadioRenderer.Group group)
        The difference with default decoding is:
      • Submitted value is obtained by group name.
      • Submitted value is prefixed with client ID of radio button component, this need to be compared and trimmed.
      • If any submitted value does not belong to current radio button component, reset its value.
  • encodeEndGroup

    protected void encodeEndGroup(FacesContext context,
                                  UISelectOne radio,
                                  RadioRenderer.Group group)
                           throws IOException
    The difference with default encoding is:
  • Every radio button of same 'group' will have same 'name' attribute rendered, relative to UIForm parent.
  • The 'value' attribute of every radio button is prefixed with client ID of radio button component itself.
  • No additional (table) markup is being rendered.
  • Label, if any, is rendered directly after radio button element, without additional markup.

Jakarta Server Fages API v2.3.2

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