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Jakarta Server Fages API v2.3.2

Class HiddenRenderer

    • Constructor Detail

      • HiddenRenderer

        public HiddenRenderer()
    • Method Detail

      • encodeBegin

        public void encodeBegin(FacesContext context,
                                UIComponent component)
                         throws IOException
        Description copied from class: Renderer

        Render the beginning specified UIComponent to the output stream or writer associated with the response we are creating. If the conversion attempted in a previous call to getConvertedValue() for this component failed, the state information saved during execution of decode() should be used to reproduce the incorrect input.

        encodeBegin in class Renderer
        context - FacesContext for the request we are processing
        component - UIComponent to be rendered
        IOException - if an input/output error occurs while rendering
      • getEndTextToRender

        protected void getEndTextToRender(FacesContext context,
                                          UIComponent component,
                                          String currentValue)
                                   throws IOException
        Description copied from class: HtmlBasicRenderer
        Renderers override this method to write appropriate HTML content into the buffer.
        getEndTextToRender in class HtmlBasicRenderer
        context - the FacesContext for the current request
        component - the UIComponent of interest
        currentValue - component's current value
        IOException - if an error occurs rendering the text

Jakarta Server Fages API v2.3.2

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