Class GenericType<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the generic type parameter.

    public class GenericType<T>
    extends Object
    Represents a generic message entity type T. Supports in-line instantiation of objects that represent generic types with actual type parameters. An object that represents any parameterized type may be obtained by sub-classing GenericType. Alternatively, an object representing a concrete parameterized type can be created using a GenericType(java.lang.reflect.Type) and manually specifying the actual (parameterized) type.

    For example:

     GenericType<List<String>> stringListType = new GenericType<List<String>>() {


      public class MyGenericType extends GenericType<List<String>> { ... }
      MyGenericType stringListType = new MyGenericType();

    Note that due to the Java type erasure limitations the parameterized type information must be specified on a subclass, not just during the instance creation. For example, the following case would throw an IllegalArgumentException:

      public class MyGenericType<T> extends GenericType<T> { ... }
      // The type is only specified on instance, not in a sub-class
      MyGenericType<List<String>> stringListType =
              new MyGenericType<List<String>>();
    Marek Potociar, Paul Sandoz, Martin Matula
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenericType

        protected GenericType()
        Constructs a new generic type, deriving the generic type and class from type parameter. Note that this constructor is protected, users should create a (usually anonymous) subclass as shown above.
        IllegalArgumentException - in case the generic type parameter value is not provided by any of the subclasses.
      • GenericType

        public GenericType​(Type genericType)
        Constructs a new generic type, supplying the generic type information and deriving the class.
        genericType - the generic type.
        IllegalArgumentException - if genericType is null or not an instance of Class or ParameterizedType whose raw type is an instance of Class.
    • Method Detail

      • forInstance

        public static GenericType forInstance​(Object instance)
        Create a generic type from a Java instance.

        If the supplied instance is a GenericEntity, the generic type will be computed using the GenericEntity.getType(). Otherwise instance.getClass() will be used.

        instance - Java instance for which the GenericType description should be created.
        GenericType describing the Java instance.
      • getType

        public final Type getType()
        Retrieve the type represented by the generic type instance.
        the actual type represented by this generic type instance.
      • getRawType

        public final Class<?> getRawType()
        Returns the object representing the class or interface that declared the type represented by this generic type instance.
        the class or interface that declared the type represented by this generic type instance.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object