Module jakarta.cdi

Interface Interceptor<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the interceptor bean class
    All Superinterfaces:
    Bean<T>, BeanAttributes<T>, Contextual<T>

    public interface Interceptor<T>
    extends Bean<T>

    Represents an enabled interceptor.

    Since CDI 2.0, an implementation of this interface may implement Prioritized in order to enable the interceptor with given priority value for entire application.

    Gavin King, Pete Muir, David Allen
    • Method Detail

      • getInterceptorBindings

        java.util.Set<java.lang.annotation.Annotation> getInterceptorBindings()

        Obtains the interceptor bindings of the interceptor.

        the set of interceptor bindings
      • intercept

        java.lang.Object intercept​(InterceptionType type,
                                   T instance,
                                   jakarta.interceptor.InvocationContext ctx)
                            throws java.lang.Exception

        Invokes the specified kind of lifecycle callback or method invocation interception upon the given interceptor instance.

        type - the kind of interception
        instance - the interceptor instance to invoke
        ctx - the context for the invocation
        the invocation return value
        java.lang.Exception - thrown by the target method and/or the following interceptors in the chain