Class ClientEndpointConfig.Configurator

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class ClientEndpointConfig.Configurator
    extends Object
    The Configurator class may be extended by developers who want to provide custom configuration algorithms, such as intercepting the opening handshake, or providing arbitrary methods and algorithms that can be accessed from each endpoint instance configured with this configurator.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Configurator

        public Configurator()
    • Method Detail

      • beforeRequest

        public void beforeRequest​(Map<String,​List<String>> headers)
        This method is called by the implementation after it has formulated the handshake request that will be used to initiate the connection to the server, but before it has sent any part of the request. This allows the developer to inspect and modify the handshake request headers prior to the start of the handshake interaction.
        headers - the mutable map of handshake request headers the implementation is about to send to start the handshake interaction.
      • afterResponse

        public void afterResponse​(HandshakeResponse hr)
        This method is called by the implementation after it has received a handshake response from the server as a result of a handshake interaction it initiated. The developer may implement this method in order to inspect the returning handshake response.
        hr - the handshake response sent by the server.