Interface ServletConfig

All Known Implementing Classes:
GenericServlet, HttpServlet

public interface ServletConfig
A servlet configuration object used by a servlet container to pass information to a servlet during initialization.
  • Method Details

    • getServletName

      String getServletName()
      Returns the name of this servlet instance. The name may be provided via server administration, assigned in the web application deployment descriptor, or for an unregistered (and thus unnamed) servlet instance it will be the servlet's class name.
      the name of the servlet instance
    • getServletContext

      ServletContext getServletContext()
      Returns a reference to the ServletContext in which the caller is executing.
      a ServletContext object, used by the caller to interact with its servlet container
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    • getInitParameter

      String getInitParameter​(String name)
      Gets the value of the initialization parameter with the given name.
      name - the name of the initialization parameter whose value to get
      a String containing the value of the initialization parameter, or null if the initialization parameter does not exist
    • getInitParameterNames

      Enumeration<String> getInitParameterNames()
      Returns the names of the servlet's initialization parameters as an Enumeration of String objects, or an empty Enumeration if the servlet has no initialization parameters.
      an Enumeration of String objects containing the names of the servlet's initialization parameters