Interface Part

public interface Part

This class represents a part or form item that was received within a multipart/form-data POST request.

Servlet 3.0
  • Method Details

    • getInputStream

      InputStream getInputStream() throws IOException
      Gets the content of this part as an InputStream
      The content of this part as an InputStream
      IOException - If an error occurs in retrieving the content as an InputStream
    • getContentType

      String getContentType()
      Gets the content type of this part.
      The content type of this part.
    • getName

      String getName()
      Gets the name of this part
      The name of this part as a String
    • getSubmittedFileName

      String getSubmittedFileName()
      Gets the file name specified by the client
      the submitted file name
      Servlet 3.1
    • getSize

      long getSize()
      Returns the size of this fille.
      a long specifying the size of this part, in bytes.
    • write

      void write​(String fileName) throws IOException
      A convenience method to write this uploaded item to disk.

      This method is not guaranteed to succeed if called more than once for the same part. This allows a particular implementation to use, for example, file renaming, where possible, rather than copying all of the underlying data, thus gaining a significant performance benefit.

      fileName - The location into which the uploaded part should be stored. Relative paths are relative to MultipartConfigElement.getLocation(). Absolute paths are used as provided. Note: that this is a system dependent string and URI notation may not be acceptable on all systems. For portability, this string should be generated with the File or Path APIs.
      IOException - if an error occurs.
    • delete

      void delete() throws IOException
      Deletes the underlying storage for a file item, including deleting any associated temporary disk file.
      IOException - if an error occurs.
    • getHeader

      String getHeader​(String name)
      Returns the value of the specified mime header as a String. If the Part did not include a header of the specified name, this method returns null. If there are multiple headers with the same name, this method returns the first header in the part. The header name is case insensitive. You can use this method with any request header.
      name - a String specifying the header name
      a String containing the value of the requested header, or null if the part does not have a header of that name
    • getHeaders

      Collection<String> getHeaders​(String name)
      Gets the values of the Part header with the given name.

      Any changes to the returned Collection must not affect this Part.

      Part header names are case insensitive.

      name - the header name whose values to return
      a (possibly empty) Collection of the values of the header with the given name
    • getHeaderNames

      Collection<String> getHeaderNames()
      Gets the header names of this Part.

      Some servlet containers do not allow servlets to access headers using this method, in which case this method returns null

      Any changes to the returned Collection must not affect this Part.

      a (possibly empty) Collection of the header names of this Part