Annotation Type ServletSecurity

public @interface ServletSecurity
This annotation is used on a Servlet implementation class to specify security constraints to be enforced by a Servlet container on HTTP protocol messages. The Servlet container will enforce these constraints on the url-patterns mapped to the servlets mapped to the annotated class.
Servlet 3.0
  • Element Details

    • value

      Get the HttpConstraint that defines the protection that is to be applied to all HTTP methods that are NOT represented in the array returned by httpMethodConstraints.
      a HttpConstraint object.
    • httpMethodConstraints

      HttpMethodConstraint[] httpMethodConstraints
      Get the HTTP method specific constraints. Each HttpMethodConstraint names an HTTP protocol method and defines the protection to be applied to it.
      an array of HttpMethodConstraint elements each defining the protection to be applied to one HTTP protocol method. For any HTTP method name, there must be at most one corresponding element in the returned array. If the returned array is of zero length, it indicates that no HTTP method specific constraints are defined.