Interface DynamicFeature

public interface DynamicFeature
A JAX-RS meta-provider for dynamic registration of post-matching providers during a JAX-RS application setup at deployment time. Dynamic feature is used by JAX-RS runtime to register providers that shall be applied to a particular resource class and method and overrides any annotation-based binding definitions defined on any registered resource filter or interceptor instance.

Providers implementing this interface MAY be annotated with @Provider annotation in order to be discovered by JAX-RS runtime when scanning for resources and providers. This provider types is supported only as part of the Server API.

Santiago Pericas-Geertsen, Bill Burke, Marek Potociar
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      void configure(ResourceInfo resourceInfo, FeatureContext context)
      A callback method called by the JAX-RS runtime during the application deployment to register provider instances or classes in a runtime configuration scope of a particular resource or sub-resource method; i.e. the providers that should be dynamically bound to the method.

      The registered provider instances or classes are expected to be implementing one or more of the following interfaces:

      A provider instance or class that does not implement any of the interfaces above may be ignored by the JAX-RS implementation. In such case a warning message must be logged. JAX-RS implementations may support additional provider contracts that can be registered using a dynamic feature concept.

      Conceptually, this callback method is called during a resource or sub-resource method discovery phase (typically once per each discovered resource or sub-resource method) to register provider instances or classes in a configuration scope of each particular method identified by the supplied resource information. The responsibility of the feature is to properly update the supplied configuration context.

      resourceInfo - resource class and method information.
      context - configurable resource or sub-resource method-level runtime context associated with the resourceInfo in which the feature