Interface PathSegment

public interface PathSegment
Represents a URI path segment and any associated matrix parameters. When an instance of this type is injected with PathParam, the value of the annotation identifies which path segment is selected and the presence of an Encoded annotation will result in an instance that supplies the path and matrix parameter values in URI encoded form.
Paul Sandoz, Marc Hadley
See Also:
UriInfo.getPathSegments(), PathParam
  • Method Details

    • getPath

      String getPath()
      Get the path segment.

      the path segment
    • getMatrixParameters

      MultivaluedMap<String,​String> getMatrixParameters()
      Get a map of the matrix parameters associated with the path segment. The map keys are the names of the matrix parameters with any percent-escaped octets decoded.
      the map of matrix parameters
      See Also:
      Matrix URIs