Class SendResult

  • public final class SendResult
    extends Object
    The result of asynchronously sending a web socket message. A SendResult is either ok indicating there was no problem, or is not OK in which case there was a problem and it carries an exception to indicate what the problem was.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SendResult

        public SendResult​(Throwable exception)
        Construct a SendResult carrying an exception.
        exception - the exception causing a send failure.
      • SendResult

        public SendResult()
        Construct a SendResult signifying a successful send carrying no exception.
    • Method Detail

      • getException

        public Throwable getException()
        The problem sending the message.
        the problem or null if the send was successful.
      • isOK

        public boolean isOK()
        Determines if this result is ok or not.
        whether the send was successful or not.