Class TransactionalException

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    public class TransactionalException
    extends RuntimeException
    The TransactionalException thrown from the Transactional interceptors implementation contains the original exception as its nested exception and is a RuntimeException, therefore, by default any transaction that was started as a result of a Transactional annotation earlier in the call stream will be marked for rollback as a result of the TransactionalException being thrown by the Transactional interceptor of the second bean. For example if a transaction is begun as a result of a call to a bean annotated with Transactional(TxType.REQUIRED) and this bean in turn calls a second bean annotated with Transactional(TxType.NEVER), the transaction begun by the first bean will be marked for rollback.
    JTA 1.2
    Jakarta Transactions 2.0
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      • TransactionalException

        public TransactionalException​(String s,
                                      Throwable throwable)