Interface DynamicAttributes

  • public interface DynamicAttributes
    For a tag to declare that it accepts dynamic attributes, it must implement this interface. The entry for the tag in the Tag Library Descriptor must also be configured to indicate dynamic attributes are accepted.
    For any attribute that is not declared in the Tag Library Descriptor for this tag, instead of getting an error at translation time, the setDynamicAttribute() method is called, with the name and value of the attribute. It is the responsibility of the tag to remember the names and values of the dynamic attributes.
    JSP 2.0
    • Method Detail

      • setDynamicAttribute

        void setDynamicAttribute​(String uri,
                                 String localName,
                                 Object value)
                          throws JspException
        Called when a tag declared to accept dynamic attributes is passed an attribute that is not declared in the Tag Library Descriptor.
        uri - the namespace of the attribute, or null if in the default namespace.
        localName - the name of the attribute being set.
        value - the value of the attribute
        JspException - if the tag handler wishes to signal that it does not accept the given attribute. The container must not call doStartTag() or doTag() for this tag.