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    public interface ServerAuthConfig
    extends AuthConfig
    This interface describes a configuration of ServerAuthConfiguration objects for a message layer and application context (for example, the messaging context of a specific application, or set of applications).

    Implementations of this interface are returned by an AnthConfigProvider.

    Callers interact with a ServerAuthConfig to obtain ServerAuthContext objects suitable for processing a given message exchange at the layer and within the application context of the ServerAuthConfig. Each ServerAuthContext object is responsible for instantiating, initializing, and invoking the one or more ServerAuthModules encapsulated in the ServerAuthContext.

    After having acquired a ServerAuthContext, a caller operates on the context to cause it to invoke the encapsulated ServerAuthModules to validate service requests and to secure service responses.

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        ServerAuthContext getAuthContext​(String authContextID,
                                         Subject serviceSubject,
                                         Map<String,​Object> properties)
                                  throws AuthException
        Get a ServerAuthContext instance from this ServerAuthConfig.

        The implementation of this method returns a ServerAuthContext instance that encapsulates the ServerAuthModules used to validate requests and secure responses associated with the given authContextID.

        Specifically, this method accesses this ServerAuthConfig object with the argument authContextID to determine the ServerAuthModules that are to be encapsulated in the returned ServerAuthContext instance.

        The ServerAuthConfig object establishes the request and response MessagePolicy objects that are passed to the encapsulated modules when they are initialized by the returned ServerAuthContext instance. It is the modules' responsibility to enforce these policies when invoked.

        authContextID - An identifier used to index the provided config, or null. This value must be identical to the value returned by the getAuthContextID method for all MessageInfo objects passed to the validateRequest method of the returned ServerAuthContext.
        serviceSubject - A Subject that represents the source of the service response to be secured by the acquired authentication context. The principal and credentials of the Subject may be used to select or acquire the authentication context. If the Subject is not null, additional Principals or credentials (pertaining to the source of the response) may be added to the Subject. A null value may be passed for this parameter.
        properties - A Map object that may be used by the caller to augment the properties that will be passed to the encapsulated modules at module initialization. The null value may be passed for this parameter.
        A ServerAuthContext instance that encapsulates the ServerAuthModules used to secure and validate requests/responses associated with the given authContextID, or null (indicating that no modules are configured).
        AuthException - If this method fails.