Class PrivateKeyCallback.IssuerSerialNumRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • IssuerSerialNumRequest

        public IssuerSerialNumRequest​(X500Principal issuer,
                                      BigInteger serialNumber)
        Constructs a IssuerSerialNumRequest with an issuer/serial number.

        The issuer/serial number is used to identify a public key certificate. The corresponding private key is returned in the callback. The corresponding certificate chain for the private key is also returned. If the issuer/serialNumber parameters are null, the handler of the callback relies on its own defaults.

        issuer - The X500Principal name of the certificate issuer, or null.
        serialNumber - The serial number of the certificate, or null.
    • Method Detail

      • getIssuer

        public X500Principal getIssuer()
        Get the issuer.
        The issuer, or null.
      • getSerialNum

        public BigInteger getSerialNum()
        Get the serial number.
        The serial number, or null.