Interface ValidatingManagedConnectionFactory

  • public interface ValidatingManagedConnectionFactory
    This interface is implemented by a ManagedConnectionFactory instance that supports the ability to validate ManagedConnection objects.

    This may be used by the application server to prune invalid ManagedConnection objects from its connection pool.

    The application server may use this functionality to test the validity of a ManagedConnection by passing in a Set of size one( with the ManagedConnection that has to be tested for validity as the only member of the Set.

    Ram Jeyaraman
    • Method Detail

      • getInvalidConnections

        Set getInvalidConnections​(Set connectionSet)
                           throws ResourceException
        This method returns a set of invalid ManagedConnection objects chosen from a specified set of ManagedConnection objects.
        connectionSet - a set of ManagedConnection objects that need to be validated.
        a set of invalid ManagedConnection objects.
        ResourceException - generic exception.