Interface ConnectionRequestInfo

  • public interface ConnectionRequestInfo

    The ConnectionRequestInfo interface enables a resource adapter to pass its own request specific data structure across the connection request flow. A resource adapter extends the empty interface to supports its own data structures for connection request.

    A typical use allows a resource adapter to handle application component specified per-connection request properties (example - client ID, language). The application server passes these properties back across to match/createManagedConnection calls on the resource adapter. These properties remain opaque to the application server during the connection request flow.

    Once the ConnectionRequestInfo reaches match/createManagedConnection methods on the ManagedConnectionFactory instance, resource adapter uses this additional per-request information to do connection creation and matching.

    Rahul Sharma
    See Also:
    ManagedConnectionFactory, ManagedConnection
    • Method Detail

      • equals

        boolean equals​(Object other)
        Checks whether this instance is equal to another. Since connectionRequestInfo is defined specific to a resource adapter, the resource adapter is required to implement this method. The conditions for equality are specific to the resource adapter.
        equals in class Object
        other - to check
        True if the two instances are equal.
      • hashCode

        int hashCode()
        Returns the hashCode of the ConnectionRequestInfo.
        hashCode in class Object
        hash code os this instance