Interface Connection

  • public interface Connection
    A Connection represents an application-level handle that is used by a client to access the underlying physical connection. The actual physical connection associated with a Connection instance is represented by a ManagedConnection instance.

    A client gets a Connection instance by using the getConnection method on a ConnectionFactory instance. A connection can be associated with zero or more Interaction instances.

    Rahul Sharma
    See Also:
    ConnectionFactory, Interaction
    • Method Detail

      • createInteraction

        Interaction createInteraction()
                               throws ResourceException
        Creates an Interaction associated with this Connection. An Interaction enables an application to execute EIS functions.
        Interaction instance
        ResourceException - Failed to create an Interaction
      • getLocalTransaction

        LocalTransaction getLocalTransaction()
                                      throws ResourceException
        Returns an LocalTransaction instance that enables a component to demarcate resource manager local transactions on the Connection. If a resource adapter does not allow a component to demarcate local transactions on an Connection using LocalTransaction interface, then the method getLocalTransaction should throw a NotSupportedException.
        LocalTransaction instance
        ResourceException - Failed to return a LocalTransaction instance because of a resource adapter error
        NotSupportedException - Demarcation of Resource manager local transactions is not supported on this Connection
        See Also:
      • getMetaData

        ConnectionMetaData getMetaData()
                                throws ResourceException
        Gets the information on the underlying EIS instance represented through an active connection.
        ConnectionMetaData instance representing information about the EIS instance
        ResourceException - Failed to get information about the connected EIS instance. Error can be resource adapter-internal, EIS-specific or communication related.
      • close

        void close()
            throws ResourceException
        Initiates close of the connection handle at the application level. A client should not use a closed connection to interact with an EIS.
        ResourceException - Exception thrown if close on a connection handle fails.

        Any invalid connection close invocation--example, calling close on a connection handle that is already closed--should also throw this exception.