Class SharedByteArrayInputStream

    • Field Detail

      • start

        protected int start
        Position within shared buffer that this stream starts at.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SharedByteArrayInputStream

        public SharedByteArrayInputStream​(byte[] buf)
        Create a SharedByteArrayInputStream representing the entire byte array.
        buf - the byte array
      • SharedByteArrayInputStream

        public SharedByteArrayInputStream​(byte[] buf,
                                          int offset,
                                          int length)
        Create a SharedByteArrayInputStream representing the part of the byte array from offset for length bytes.
        buf - the byte array
        offset - offset in byte array to first byte to include
        length - number of bytes to include
    • Method Detail

      • getPosition

        public long getPosition()
        Return the current position in the InputStream, as an offset from the beginning of the InputStream.
        Specified by:
        getPosition in interface SharedInputStream
        the current position
      • newStream

        public InputStream newStream​(long start,
                                     long end)
        Return a new InputStream representing a subset of the data from this InputStream, starting at start (inclusive) up to end (exclusive). start must be non-negative. If end is -1, the new stream ends at the same place as this stream. The returned InputStream will also implement the SharedInputStream interface.
        Specified by:
        newStream in interface SharedInputStream
        start - the starting position
        end - the ending position + 1
        the new stream