Package jakarta.json

Interface JsonMergePatch

  • public interface JsonMergePatch

    This interface represents an implementation of a JSON Merge Patch as defined by RFC 7396.

    A JsonMergePatch can be instantiated with Json.createMergePatch(JsonValue) by specifying the patch operations in a JSON Merge Patch or using Json.createMergeDiff(JsonValue, JsonValue) to create a JSON Merge Patch based on the difference between two JsonValues.

    The following illustrates both approaches.

    1. Construct a JsonMergePatch with an existing JSON Merge Patch.

       JsonValue contacts = ... ; // The target to be patched
       JsonValue patch = ...  ; // JSON Merge Patch
       JsonMergePatch mergePatch = Json.createMergePatch(patch);
       JsonValue result = mergePatch.apply(contacts);
    2. Construct a JsonMergePatch from a difference between two JsonValues.
       JsonValue source = ... ; // The source object
       JsonValue target = ... ; // The modified object
       JsonMergePatch mergePatch = Json.createMergeDiff(source, target); // The diff between source and target in a Json Merge Patch format
    See Also:
    RFC 7396
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        JsonValue apply​(JsonValue target)
        Applies the JSON Merge Patch to the specified target. The target is not modified by the patch.
        target - the target to apply the merge patch
        the transformed target after the patch
      • toJsonValue

        JsonValue toJsonValue()
        Returns the JsonMergePatch as JsonValue.
        this JsonMergePatch as JsonValue