Class Metadata

  • public abstract class Metadata
    extends Object

    There are concrete subclasses within the implementation that map concepts in the Facelet VDL page to Jakarta Server Faces Java API calls the appropriate instances. For example, the “validator” attribute on an input component is specified to point to a MethodExpression that references a method that performs the validation. There is a concrete subclass of Metadata to perform this action when that attribute appears in a Facelet VDL page.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Metadata

        public Metadata()
    • Method Detail

      • applyMetadata

        public abstract void applyMetadata​(FaceletContext ctx,
                                           Object instance)

        Take the action prescribed in the Jakarta Faces Specification for this particular VDL element attribute.

        ctx - The FaceletContext for this request.
        instance - The instance from the Jakarta Faces Java API on which the action should be taken. For example, an instance of EditableValueHolder.